We often get asked why we do not put prices on our web site. The answer is simple. We can’t publish an accurate price on a piece of furniture because there are a number of factors that go into determining what you will ultimately pay.

pricing-vanguardFor example, when you select a sofa from a web site, paper catalog, or showroom, you will need to make a number of choices before you finalize your decision …

  • What kind of upholstery do you want?
  • What color stain do you want for the wooden legs?
  • Do you want two throw pillows, four throw pillows, or no throw pillows? What size? What color?

Each of these decisions will potentially impact the final price of the item.

Furthermore, we know that there are web sites out there that will show a piece of furniture seemingly identical to some of the items we offer at Arthur’s. There is certainly the possibility that their listed price will be lower than ours. However, does that price include shipping and handling? What happens if you order that item and when it arrives at your home you find that the leg is broken, the material isn’t what you ordered, or the item simply isn’t what you were expecting? Is it as big as you expected it to be? Is it too small? If you bought the item on-line, we don’t have the answers either!

However, if you buy your furniture from Arthur’s Home Furnishings, you’ll get the right style and the right color delivered to your home or office in perfect condition. In addition, you’ll get 70 years of home furnishing experience to make sure it’s what you want or we’ll work with you to make it right.

pricing-vanguard2So feel free to come into our showroom and browse the various furniture, accents, and accessories that we have on display. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for on the floor, just ask us for help. We work with dozens of manufacturers and we have the ability to order thousands of items from their catalogs — items that we don’t have in stock.

If you’re still uncertain, check prices on the Internet. You may be surprised to find that our prices aren’t much different from our on-line competitors. If you do find a significantly lower price on what appears to be an item identical to one in our showroom, remember this: you don’t find experience, reliable service, and professional delivery just anywhere. Since 1946, we’ve been in Orchard Park — doing furniture the right way. And the next time you need a new chair or table, we’ll still be here.

Beginning in July 2015, we added the complete line of Benjamin Moore paints and Hunter Douglas window treatments to our suite of home furnishing offerings. Not only can you find the perfect chair, sofa, desk, dresser, curio cabinet, or table for your living room, dining room, bedroom, sun room, or patio at Arthur’s, you can now find the perfect complementary color for your walls and the right shades, blinds, shutters, and sheers for your windows.

Come to our showroom, look around, ask us questions. Our friendly, non-commission associates are here to make furniture buying relaxing and enjoyable. We know you’ll see the Arthur’s advantage.